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Even when the economy is slow or money is tight, your company still needs the ability to expand and adapt to regular business changes that occur. Affordable extra space can be hard to come by in a tough economy and often the costs of relocation can be too expensive.

When you need more space but are on an extremely tight budget, a used mezzanine from The Mezzanine Company might be the right solution to get you the space you need at a price that is affordable.

A used mezzanine can save you up to 40% of what a new mezzanine would cost.

Our Used Mezzanines

As a leading mezzanine company, The Mezzanine Company is often contacted by companies that are looking to sell mezzanines that are in excellent condition, but are no longer being used. We keep an active database of these companies so that we can connect them with potential buyers of used mezzanines.

We can also provide painting services when you need the mezzanine to match a specific warehouse or company color scheme. We can also provide certified drawings if they are needed for a permit application

Used Mezzanine Applications

We have over 30 years experience in providing used mezzanines to our clients for a variety of applications. Our used mezzanines have been used for many applications, such as:

View Used Mezzanines Listings

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If you are interested in purchasing a used mezzanine from The Mezzanine Company, fill out our Mezzanine Quote form and “check-off” the box that says that you are interested in used mezzanines. One of our Mezzanine Experts will contact you today! We provide consulting at no charge.

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