Case Study

American Spraytech, Branchburg, NJ

Sq. Ft.
Work Platform



American Spraytech is an aerosol contract filler located in Branchburg, NJ. The Mezzanine Company has worked with American Spraytech in the past on several projects, ranging from storage rack to work platforms and office mezzanines, at a number of their facility locations.

American Spraytech was opening a new three-story facility, and once again, they called upon The Mezzanine Company for assistance. They needed to create an additional floor level above their compounding room area in order to gain easy access to their mixing tanks, and to stage materials.

Some of the complexities of the project were:

1. The mezzanine had to be located on the second floor of their facility.

2. The mezzanine would need to fit around the tanks to provide access from all angles.

3. The mezzanine had to match up with the 3rd floor of their building.

4. The mezzanine flooring needed to be suitable for heavy loading with pallet trucks as well as protection from any product spills.


The Mezzanine Company reviewed American Spraytech’s requirements and building space and provided a proposal for an approximately 3,100 square foot L-shaped mezzanine. The mezzanine was designed to match up exactly with the third floor of their building, and fit around some of the building’s structural supports.

In order to work around the tanks, the mezzanine was custom designed with several circular cutouts. It would enable them to have access from all around. The Mezzanine Company assisted with the tank layout and installed the mezzanine around the tanks after they were set in place.

For the flooring, heavy duty galvanized diamond plate was chosen to serve the customer's needs best and provide a surface requiring minimal maintenance.

During the design phase, a change in the tank layout required re-designing the entire steel structure. The Mezzanine Company worked quickly to coordinate and complete the updated design to proceed with production and maintain the planned delivery schedule.

Once the mezzanine was completed production and shipped to their facility, the materials were rigged up to the second floor of the building, and the installation began. As timing was critical, the crew worked diligently to complete, including through the Memorial Day holiday weekend.  It led to a successful and on-time completion of this part of their important project.

What Our Customers Say...

Their responsiveness, flexibility, and quick and accurate execution put them at the top of my list when I need material handling equipment and related infrastructure. If you need something material handling related, from mezzanines to pallets jacks, they have it all and can get it to you quickly and painlessly.

Heath Folmsbee, US Navy