Case Study

Argon Medical Devices, Athens, TX

Sq. Ft.
Storage Mezzanine



Argon Medical is a global manufacturer of specialty medical products headquartered in Plano, Texas.  Argon offers a broad line of medical devices for Interventional Radiology, Vascular Surgery, Interventional Cardiology and Oncology. They have manufacturing facilities located in Athens, TX, Wheeling, IL, Rochester, NY and Portage, WI with nearly 1000 employees worldwide.

Recently, they were looking to gain some additional space in their facility but were out of available floor space. They decided to explore options to maximize the available vertical space. They reached out to The Mezzanine Company for a solution using a mezzanine.

The mezzanine would need to be custom designed to work around an overhead door in the vicinity of where they were trying to create space. Additionally, due to mezzanine needing to be installed in a busy area, our solution would need to avoid disruption to operations.


Working closely with Argon Medical Devices, we came up with a proposal for a ~1,500 sq/ft rectangular shaped mezzanine and a ~700 sq/ft mezzanine that would serve their needs. Both mezzanines would be connected with a bridge. This bridge would provide them with the space they needed, on the ground floor, to access to the overhead door.

In order to accommodate the movement of larger items to the structure, we provided a 5’x5’ VRC lift with full enclosure. For the flooring, ResinDek was be used. Additionally, the second mezzanine included a straight-run OSHA stair to allow for foot traffic.

Once the proposal was accepted, approval drawings were generated, and our project manager made a site visit to make the finishing design adjustments. Additionally, we provided PE stamped drawings, for the State of Texas, to be used for permitting purposes.

Once the mezzanine production was complete, we arranged for a prompt delivery and coordinated together the best installation schedule. The mezzanine was then installed by our local installation team, as planned and on time. This included installing part of the mezzanine, in the busier area, after normal working hours. That way, we minimized interruption to operations.

What Our Customers Say...

The staff at The Mezzanine Company seemed to be an unusually well coordinated, enthusiastic team. Everyone I interacted with had current information and knew exactly what needed to be done to keep the project moving towards completion. Your consistent, timely communication and keeping me aware of the project status made it easy to make decisions throughout the process.

Mark Stogsdill, Genesis Engineering Solutions