Case Study

City of Burleson, Burleson, TX

Sq. Ft.
Storage Mezzanine



The City of Burleson Public Works was looking to maximize the storage space in one of their buildings. They periodically had the responsibility of storing items for future township auctions and floor space was limited. With some available air space in their building, it appeared that the best way to maximize the space was to look up.

Since the existing room was an obscure shape, maximizing the space would require a custom shaped mezzanine. Additionally, since funding was already approved for this project, the town was looking to get a mezzanine installed as soon as possible so they could start making better use of the existing storage space.


After consulting with the public works department in Burleson, we provided a quote for an approximately 750 square foot L-shaped mezzanine. The mezzanine would include a straight run, IBC, staircase in order to provide easy access for its employees.

Additionally, to provide access to load and offload items from the mezzanine, the design included a 5’ sliding gate. (Note: this was later adjusted to a 6’ double swing gate in order to maximize the clear opening for access to the mezzanine).

Once the mezzanine proposal was approved and approval drawings were ready, we sent our local installer out for a site visit. With information gathered from the site visit, we made final adjustments to the drawings.

As the shipment date was approaching, we worked closely with the township and our installation team to target an ideal installation date. Within approximately 1 week of delivery, the installation was complete and The City of Burleson Public Works was already utilizing their new platform.

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