Case Study

Civil Coatings and Construction, Valparaiso, Indiana

Sq. Ft.
Storage Mezzanine



Civil Coatings and Construction, a company that specializes in the painting and rehabilitation of bridges, tanks and more, was in need of extra storage space in their warehouse in Valparaiso, Indiana.

They had plenty of unused air space in their warehouse and thought that a mezzanine might be the best use of this space, to gain the additional storage space needed.

Additionally, they needed to make sure that some of this new storage space could be specially secured.

They contacted The Mezzanine Company to provide a mezzanine solution.


After reviewing Civil Coatings and Construction’s needs, The Mezzanine Company provided a design and proposal for the delivery and installation of a two-story “double decker” mezzanine. This double decker mezzanine would provide them with approximately 2,100 square feet of additional storage space in their warehouse.

To secure some of the company’s belongings, The Mezzanine Company also provided them with a 9’ high wire partition that was installed underneath their new mezzanine.

The mezzanine also included a 6’ wide double swing gate on each level of the mezzanine to provide easy access for loading and unloading materials.

Once the proposal was accepted, one of our project managers visited the site and met with Civil Coatings and Construction to make all necessary adjustments to the plans.

Once the mezzanine was produced, we worked closely with the customer, the freight company, and our installer to coordinate the delivery and installation of the mezzanine.

What Our Customers Say...

The Mezzanine Company made the work very easy for us! You made the correct recommendations, installed the mezzanine on schedule, and gave us a superior product. We would gladly recommend you to others. We are very pleased with the mezzanine you installed, and the service we received was excellent.

Robert Wager Company