Case Study

Clifton Mirror & Glass, Clifton, NJ

Sq. Ft.
Storage Mezzanine



Clifton Mirror & Glass is a state-of -the art glass company located in Clifton, NJ. Founded 80 years ago, they have grown to over 50 employees. After many years in their current location, they were moving to a recently purchased building to meet their growing needs.

Unfortunately, their new location did not have enough storage space near the existing offices in the building. They reached out to The Mezzanine Company to help them create storage space in the area adjoining these offices.

Some of the complexities of the project were:

1. We had to “squeeze” the mezzanine around an existing wall, exit door, and building column

2. We had to coordinate the mezzanine installation with other work that was being performed at the same time on the new building

3. The owner wanted the mezzanine to match up with an existing 2nd floor of offices (the office level would only be partially exposed during our installation phase)


The Mezzanine Company reviewed Clifton Mirror and Glass’ requirements and building space and provided a proposal for an approximately 400 square foot storage platform. The mezzanine was designed to match up exactly with the 2nd floor of their building, and fit around some of the building’s structural supports.

Additionally, we provided an OSHA regulation straight stair for access to the platform.

Lastly, we utilized a 6’ wide double swing gate to help facilitate the movement of larger materials to and from the platform, and ResinDek was used for the flooring.

Additionally, we provided P.E. drawings for them to submit to the town.

After careful planning and efficient communication between all parties, the mezzanine was delivered and installed. The new mezzanine provided Clifton Mirror and Glass with the much-needed storage space at their new location.

Walter Chmura, the owner, was very pleased with the product and provided the following feedback: “I found that The Mezzanine Company was very professional in all aspects of the job, from estimating to scheduling to installation. There was a lot of attention to details, and the job came in on time. I would recommend you to others because it was easy to work with all of your employees."

What Our Customers Say...

Their responsiveness, flexibility, and quick and accurate execution put them at the top of my list when I need material handling equipment and related infrastructure. If you need something material handling related, from mezzanines to pallets jacks, they have it all and can get it to you quickly and painlessly.

Heath Folmsbee, US Navy