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Coastal Sports NJ, Fairfield, NJ

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Coastal Sports NJ has several locations throughout the state of New Jersey.  From their multi-sport indoor facilities, they offer a broad range of activities, from league and tournament play to basic skills building classes in a variety of different sports.

Coastal Sports needed to create a viewing area at their state of the art facility in Fairfield. There was no more floor space at their facility; every area was already built to cater to the great variety of activities offered by Coastal Sports NJ. They contacted The Mezzanine Company about a possible mezzanine solution.

The area best suited for a mezzanine, to use as a viewing space, was the area above their reception area and entry way. Constructing a mezzanine here would require careful design and column placements to avoid constricting the hallways and other areas underneath.

Also, to work over this space, we would need to build a taller than usual mezzanine, further complicating the support structure and column placement issues.


Working closely with Coastal Sports NJ, our installer, and our manufacturer, we made numerous site visits to map out the location of the observation platform to ensure that we could support it without negatively affecting the space below.  We designed an initial layout that would meet Coastal’s requirements and gain them a new 350 square foot observation platform.  However, looking closely at the layout we also designed a larger platform that would utilize all of their overhead viewing space and gain them an additional 150 square feet.  Coastal decided on this second larger option as it best used the space available.  The result was a 537 square foot observation platform, granting them a fantastic view of the entire facility.

To work above the reception area, their lounge, and concessions areas as well, we designed the platform to have a height of nearly 16 feet.  To ensure that our columns would fit perfectly, our technicians made multiple site visits, enabling them to pinpoint the exact placement needed for the columns to avoid interference to the areas below and allowing us to adjust our design to those measurements.

For access to the new observation platform, we included an L-shaped IBC mezzanine staircase with a mid landing.  We used wire mesh panels and handrail on the stairs and all around the platform to create a safe environment from which spectators can enjoy the action.

In addition, we worked closely with our installer, the shipping company, and Coastal Sports NJ to have our installer on site the day of delivery to hand unload and begin the mezzanine installation. This way we could have the observation platform installed and ready for use by the end of the week when Coastal Sports was hosting a community event.

What Our Customers Say...

I have been extremely satisfied with the personal service received from The Mezzanine Company; they treat you like family. The accuracy of the order and the dates of delivery were right on and the installers were very accommodating and friendly. Everyone has been really helpful and easy to work with, especially being in the crunch for product that I was in. They will be my first call and my recommendation to anyone looking for the services they provide.

Brian Gore, Fairfax Hyundai