Case Study

CompoSecure, Somerset, NJ

Sq. Ft.
Work Platform



CompoSecure has been in business for over 20 years.  They were started by a strong core of experienced workers from the design and manufacturing sides of the plastic card industry. They focus on inventing and incorporating new technologies to help create more secure plastic cards for all types of uses.

CompoSecure contacted The Mezzanine Company looking for a way to expand their machine shop. The space they had available was tight.  Conventional means of expansion had already been considered and were not possible.  As it was, they had an office building on one side of their machine shop and storage rack on the other.  Also, an electrical panel and multiple conduits were running right through the middle of their current shop, further limiting its space.


We sent our technicians to visit CompoSecure to assess the situation and devise a solution.  Upon seeing the space constraints, we recommended a heavy duty mezzanine platform.  This mezzanine would be able to handle the heavy parts and equipment needed in the machine shop.  Also, by designing it with a considerable clear height, 9 feet, in this case, the entire area underneath could still be used as before. In total, they would be gaining nearly 700 additional square feet of space for their machine shop on top of the platform.

This heavy duty structure did, however, raise some concerns about the strength of the floor and whether or not it could handle the new load.  To ensure that the storage mezzanine platform would not be a problem, we sent one of our technicians to perform a floor sample test by core drilling the floor in engineer picked locations and documenting the results.  These results were then forwarded to a professional engineer who reviewed them meticulously to calculate the strength of the floor.  From these, the engineer produced a PE sealed letter stating the strength of the floor and its ability to safely support the platform, without the need for expensive footings.

We worked closely with engineering on this project as we also obtained PE stamped mezzanine drawings for the platform to assist with the permit process.  The platform itself was designed with a special cut out to allow the electrical to stay in place and still be safely separated from the working area of the machine shop.  For access to the storage platform, we provided a BOCA mezzanine stair at CompoSecure’s request.

On this project, we also provided and installed rack guards to the back of the storage rack that was now up against the storage platform to ensure the safety of anyone working next to the rack system.  Through careful coordination with our shipping company, our installers, and CompoSecure, we arranged for the timely delivery and installation of the project in a way that fit CompoSecure’s schedule.

What Our Customers Say...

I have been extremely satisfied with the personal service received from The Mezzanine Company; they treat you like family. The accuracy of the order and the dates of delivery were right on and the installers were very accommodating and friendly. Everyone has been really helpful and easy to work with, especially being in the crunch for product that I was in. They will be my first call and my recommendation to anyone looking for the services they provide.

Brian Gore, Fairfax Hyundai