Case Study

Draexlmaier, Duncan, SC

Sq. Ft.
Storage Mezzanine



Headquartered in Germany, The Draexlmaier Group is an international automotive supplier with more than 60 sites in over 20 countries. As a tier one supplier to the international automotive industry, Draexlmaier manufactures interiors for automobiles and plastic components at its Duncan site.

Recently Draexlmaier completed a $42.7 million expansion of its existing manufacturing operations in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. The facility has expanded three times since its opening in 1998, the last in 2015 when the company constructed a 184,000-square-foot production and logistics building.

Recently, Draexlmaier was looking to add some additional space, in one of its existing buildings, in order to provide more storage space for its operations.

As these facilities have very active operations 24/7, coordinating timing of the delivery and installation was of the highest priority. Any installations would have to take place during a short time span of a shutdown during the week of July 4th! The Mezzanine Company, along with our installation team, was up for the challenge.


Working closely with The Draexlmaier Group, we came up with a design for two approximately 2,700 square foot structures. The mezzanines would each include an inset IBC staircase, with wire mesh side panels, in order to provide easy and safe access for their employees.

To provide access for loading of materials onto the mezzanine, each mezzanine had 2 heavy duty material lifts with a custom sized 70” x 110” platform. Additionally, to provide supplementary ways to load material, each mezzanine included a 4’ sliding gate and a 8’ sliding gate.

Once the proposal was accepted, in order to meet the project deadline, we expedited the approval drawings for both mezzanines and lifts and our project manager made a site visit to South Carolina to make the final design adjustments.

As the shipment date was approaching, and the week of July 4th was approaching, we worked closely with Draexlmaier and our installation team to prepare everything for a smooth installation.

By coordinating and working together with the different trades, The Mezzanine Company was able to expedite the installation and meet the deadline of installing the mezzanines and lifts before operations started up again at the end of the July 4th week.

What Our Customers Say...

I have been extremely satisfied with the personal service received from The Mezzanine Company; they treat you like family. The accuracy of the order and the dates of delivery were right on and the installers were very accommodating and friendly. Everyone has been really helpful and easy to work with, especially being in the crunch for product that I was in. They will be my first call and my recommendation to anyone looking for the services they provide.

Brian Gore, Fairfax Hyundai