Case Study

J&J Instruments, Linden, NJ

Sq. Ft.
Storage Mezzanine



J&J Instruments is a leader in providing medical, dental and veterinary professionals with quality medical, dental, and veterinary instruments.  From their warehouse in Linden, New Jersey, they ship their high-quality surgical steel instruments to dealers across the east coast.  J&J Instruments reached out to The Mezzanine Company with a request to help them expand.

Our technicians made several site visits and discovered a number of issues that would challenge us in finding the best solution to J&J’s needs:

1. It was an active warehouse, and all of the work would need to be completed while still allowing the warehouse to stay operational.

2.The location and fitting of the mezzanine as we wanted to gain them as much space as possible in a stuffed warehouse.

3. The current height of their shelving units was also an issue.


We started tackling the problems right away. First, working with the customer, we determined that they would gain more storage by lowering their current shelves in one area and building the mezzanine above this area.

Also, to utilize the maximum amount of space available we designed a six-sided, 2,464 square foot mezzanine that was built flush to a wall on five sides.  Doing this required extremely precise measurements by our technicians and a thorough review of the approval drawings by all parties involved.

In addition, we worked with our installers and the customer to arrange for the installation to take place in such a way as to cause minimum disturbances to the warehouse staff.  It allowed for the installation to be completed promptly without the warehouse having to shut down or severely diminish its capacity to function.  The result was a solution to J&J’s storage needs that was completed within their time frame without causing disruptions to their current operations.

What Our Customers Say...

I have been extremely satisfied with the personal service received from The Mezzanine Company; they treat you like family. The accuracy of the order and the dates of delivery were right on and the installers were very accommodating and friendly. Everyone has been really helpful and easy to work with, especially being in the crunch for product that I was in. They will be my first call and my recommendation to anyone looking for the services they provide.

Brian Gore, Fairfax Hyundai