Case Study

Management & Construction Services, Dahlgren VA

Sq. Ft.
Mezzanine & Office



Management & Construction Services is a government contractor, with over 30 years of experience, serving federal agencies in Baltimore and DC. Management & Construction Services had a client, a Naval Support Facility, who was looking to gain some space in an air hangar.

They reached out to The Mezzanine Company to help them create this space using a mezzanine.

Some of the complexities of the project were:

1. Our team had to work through the complexities of working with a government agency, such as government contractor and very tight security clearances

2. The new space had to be clearly divided as it needed to be shared by several departments that used the hanger

3. One of the departments additionally needed some office space

4. The mezzanine had to be designed around an existing space below that included some office space


The Mezzanine Company reviewed Management & Construction Services requirements and building space and provided a proposal for an approximately 4,000 square foot mezzanine. The mezzanine would include two IBC straight run staircases and two 6’ wide sliding gates.

In order to create separate spaces for each department, the mezzanine would also include wire partition above and below the mezzanine.

Lastly, to create the office space needed by one department, we provided a 320 square foot modular office that was fully furnished with windows, light fixtures, outlets, phone/data ports, and HVAC.

After careful planning and efficient communication between all parties, the mezzanine was delivered and installed. The new mezzanine provided Management & Construction Services’ client with the much-needed storage and office space at their new location.

What Our Customers Say...

Their responsiveness, flexibility, and quick and accurate execution put them at the top of my list when I need material handling equipment and related infrastructure. If you need something material handling related, from mezzanines to pallets jacks, they have it all and can get it to you quickly and painlessly.

Heath Folmsbee, US Navy