Case Study

Oasis Foods Company, Hillside, NJ

Sq. Ft.
Food & Beverage
Storage Mezzanine



Oasis Foods is one of the largest manufacturers of food products for the food service industry in the Northeast United States. Based in Hillside, New Jersey, Oasis Foods has grown significantly over the last 25 years.  The Mezzanine Company has been fortunate to be there at the start of Oasis Foods’ abundant growth and had the privilege of working with them on numerous expansion projects over the years.

Oasis Foods contacted us once again looking for a way to expand their facilities in Hillside, New Jersey.  As with previous projects, their growth had increased their need for space on the plant floor.


We determined that a mezzanine was the ideal solution to free up the required space for Oasis Foods on the ground floor.  Due to the previous mezzanine and office projects that we've completed for Oasis Foods, we were aware that space was limited, so we sent out our technicians to identify the best place for the new mezzanine.

We were able to identify two locations that were suitable for this project, and we designed two separate mezzanines for Oasis Foods to allow them to choose the location and design that best fulfilled their current needs.  The result was a 700+ square foot structure built with over 10’ of clearance underneath to provide ample room below for Oasis’ ground floor operations.

We used handrail and kickplate to enclose the top of the platform creating a safe workspace.  We also supplied an OSHA ‘U’ shaped mezzanine stair for access to the mezzanine and a 6’ wide double swing gate to help facilitate the movement of larger items to and from the mezzanine.  For the mezzanine decking, we utilized ½” Resinboard flooring with a special gray diamond seal to make it more durable and resistant to wear and tear.

We also helped Oasis Foods during the permitting process for this project by supplying PE Stamped drawings for them to present to the town, as an additional way to help speed up the project.  We coordinated everything with the freight company, our installer and of course Oasis Foods to ensure that the entire project flowed smoothly from start to finish and all issues, big or small, were resolved swiftly leading to a successful completion of the project.

Ron Cronk, from Oasis Foods, said this about us; “I have done business with The Mezzanine Company in the past and its great to work with a company that has grown but still kept to their original ideals of serving the customer.  I would recommend them to others and would say that they are a very professional company that goes out of their way to give the customer a great professional service with a personal touch.”

What Our Customers Say...

The staff at The Mezzanine Company seemed to be an unusually well coordinated, enthusiastic team. Everyone I interacted with had current information and knew exactly what needed to be done to keep the project moving towards completion. Your consistent, timely communication and keeping me aware of the project status made it easy to make decisions throughout the process.

Mark Stogsdill, Genesis Engineering Solutions