Case Study

OPWDD, Bronx, NY

Sq. Ft.
Storage Mezzanine



The Office for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) needed some extra space in their warehouse but were running out of floor space.

They contacted The Mezzanine Company to help create some additional space using mezzanines.


Working with OPWDD, we provided a design and quote for three mezzanines for three separate storage areas, each for a different trade workshop in the same warehouse.

After further discussion during the approval stage, we decided to combine two of the platforms together with a partition to separate the different storage areas.  The result was one 900 square foot platform with a handrail and kick plate partition dividing it into two sections and another 250 square foot platform.

To save on space, and because the platforms were to be used for long term storage, we did not provide any fixed staircases. Instead, we designed the system to have three lift out gates and a single rolling staircase that could be used to access them.

There was also some concern from the landlord of the property as to whether or not the floor could support the mezzanines. Working with an outside professional engineer, we were able to get the floor approved and provided OPWDD with a PE stamped document to this effect.

Once the mezzanine was produced, we worked closely with the customer, the freight company, and our installer to coordinate the delivery and installation of the mezzanine. In the end, OPWDD also gained 1,200 square feet of storage space in their warehouse.

What Our Customers Say...

The Mezzanine Company made the work very easy for us! You made the correct recommendations, installed the mezzanine on schedule, and gave us a superior product. We would gladly recommend you to others. We are very pleased with the mezzanine you installed, and the service we received was excellent.

Robert Wager Company