Case Study

Prevost, a subsidiary of Volvo, South Plainfield, NJ

Sq. Ft.
Storage Mezzanine



Prevost, a subsidiary of Volvo, is a manufacturer of touring coaches and bus shells for high end motorhomes. As of 2019, they operate 15 service and parts centers, including 9 in the United States. One of those service centers is located nearby to our headquarters in New Jersey.

In their South Plainfield, NJ facility, they had a storage area with two level shelving. They were looking for more flexibility to use this space for more than just parts storage on shelving. They decided to look into the option of using a mezzanine to accomplish this goal.

One of the challenges of the project was that Prevost wanted the columns for the mezzanine to fall outside the footprint of the shelving so as to not cause any interference to the configuration below. This would require some additional customization to the design.

Prevost contacted The Mezzanine Company to help provide a solution.


The Mezzanine Company worked closely with Prevost to come up with a design for a work platform mezzanine that would serve their unique needs. We proposed an approximate 1,450 square foot platform.

The mezzanine included a straight run OSHA staircase for employee access. Additionally, the mezzanine included a 6’ wide double swing gate and a safety pivot gate to allow for moving materials on and off the mezzanine.

In order to work around the shelving below, the mezzanine was designed with special column placement outside of the footprint of the mezzanine. To span the required distance over the shelving, I-beams were incorporated into the mezzanine design. Additionally, the mezzanine had a cutout to work around an existing overhead door.

Once the proposal was approved, we sent one of our project managers onsite to review the layout drawings with the customer and to make final adjustments and get the final approval.

After careful planning and communication between all parties, the mezzanine was delivered and installed by our local installation team. This included the use of a crane to lift and place some of the I-beams in areas where regular forklifts and scissor lifts could not access.

The new mezzanine provided Prevost with the flexible space needed to support their operations.

What Our Customers Say...

It is always my intention to do business with companies that put customer service and satisfaction in the forefront. When we needed a mezzanine to expand storage in one of our rooms we looked for a company that we felt could fit the bill and The Mezzanine Company certainly did just that.

Paul Ziemer, Signature Theatre Company