Case Study

Professional Trailer Repair, Greensboro, NC

Sq. Ft.
Storage Mezzanine



Professional Trailer Repair is a leader in the transportation industry with over 25 years of experience providing quality parts and services for Van Body, Semi-trailer, and Flatbed trailers.   They contacted The Mezzanine Company looking for assistance on a major expansion project for one of their warehouses.

The challenge:

1. Design and provide a customized storage solution for a warehouse that would work around their current floor and future changes.

2. To do this while providing them with as much additional space as possible, while still providing a good flow for both the new area as well as the existing one.


Our technicians made several site visits to ensure that we had accurately mapped out this space.  They also mapped out the entire existing layout so we could formulate a plan that would utilize it as much as possible.  In the end, a few small adjustments had to be made to the existing floor plan had to be made, but nothing too drastic.  Our design crew succeeded in shifting our columns to avoid conflicts with any of their doors, aisle ways, or access to stored materials on the racks and shelving in the area.

In addition, to maximize the amount of additional space provided, the mezzanine was designed to go right up against the walls on three of the four sides. We did this by utilizing cutouts around several building columns. In total, we were able to gain them nearly 2,200 addition square feet of space.

To provide for the flow of both worker traffic and materials to the new mezzanine, we provided an OSHA regulation interior staircase and a 5’ wide double swing gate. The gate was centered on their overhead door to provide the most convenient route from arrivals or departures to the new mezzanine.

By working diligently with our installers, the customer, and their shipping company we were able to coordinate the entire project so as to complete it promptly.

What Our Customers Say...

The staff at The Mezzanine Company seemed to be an unusually well coordinated, enthusiastic team. Everyone I interacted with had current information and knew exactly what needed to be done to keep the project moving towards completion. Your consistent, timely communication and keeping me aware of the project status made it easy to make decisions throughout the process.

Mark Stogsdill, Genesis Engineering Solutions