Case Study

Retro Fitness, Aston, PA

Sq. Ft.
Health Club
Mezzanine for Gym



Retro Fitness owner, Robert Madison, contacted The Mezzanine Company to assist in the construction of their latest fitness center in Aston, Pennsylvania. We had previously worked with Robert on another location of his in Lacey Township, NJ. This new facility being built was designed with a state of the art cardio movie theatre, smoothie bar, and more. In order to maximize the space of the location, a mezzanine was required.

As with past Retro Fitness projects, from both a structural and architectural standpoint, we had to make sure the design flowed well with plans going underneath. Additionally, because this was an existing building, the project required careful coordination with the existing building layout. For example, this existing building had a building column in the area where the mezzanine needed to be located.


Working closing with the owners and architect for the project, The Mezzanine Company provided a proposal for an approximately 1,700 square foot custom L-shaped mezzanine. The mezzanine would include two IBC stairs and wire mesh handrail. After the initial design was approved, our project manager made a site visit and confirmed all the measurements and made final adjustments to the design.

As is usually the case with Retro Fitness projects, the mezzanine was to be one of the first items to be installed during the construction process. Because of the lead time before producing the mezzanine, and because time was of the essence, we worked closely with the township to get a partial release on the platform portion of the plans. That allowed us to release the mezzanine to production sooner while the rest of the plans were being completed.

After months of planning and efficient communication between all parties, the mezzanine was delivered and installed. The new cardio deck enhanced Retro Fitness’ workout experience by creating valuable additional space for exercise equipment in a user-friendly environment that appealed to Retro Fitness’ customers.

What Our Customers Say...

Their responsiveness, flexibility, and quick and accurate execution put them at the top of my list when I need material handling equipment and related infrastructure. If you need something material handling related, from mezzanines to pallets jacks, they have it all and can get it to you quickly and painlessly.

Heath Folmsbee, US Navy