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Retro Fitness, Manville, NJ

Sq. Ft.
Health Club
Mezzanine for Gym



The Mezzanine Company has had the opportunity to work on several Retro Fitness projects throughout the Tri-State area. When Bill Iovino, a now retired U.S. Army veteran, chose to open a brand new Retro Fitness location in Manville, New Jersey. He wanted someone with experience on Retro Fitness projects and turned to The Mezzanine Company to design and supply the mezzanine for the cardio deck of his new facility.

This location features a cardio movie theater, retro blends juice bar, top notch equipment and instructors, along with everything else you would expect from a Retro Fitness location. To make room for all of these features, they needed to create additional space within the building. A mezzanine was a good solution, but they needed to make sure the mezzanine would be designed to meld with the plans for the new location.

To help, they contacted The Mezzanine Company, as we had prior experience providing mezzanines for other Retro Fitness locations.


We sent our technicians out to the site to measure multiple times, first to develop drawings and then to refine them to accurate, detailed plans of the space.  It allowed us to catch that the demising wall for the space was built out further than indicated in the architectural drawings we were provided and make the necessary corrections.

The result was an over 2,600 square foot platform spread wall to wall across the entire back of the facility; with every column and brace falling precisely where it needed to.  In order to help achieve this, we designed cutouts sections for four building columns and cantilevered our support steel in another spot.

For access to the platform, we provided two extra wide IBC mezzanine stairs with top landings to ensure that there was plenty of room on the stairs to handle the high density of traffic they would see.  To enclose the top of the platform we supplied 2” x 2” wire mesh handrails to provide both safety and to match up with Retro Fitness’s ascetics.

We worked closely with the customer’s general contractor throughout the entire process to keep on top of all aspects of the project that would affect the mezzanine.  This way, we ensured that when the mezzanine arrived the building was ready for it, and our installers were there to unload it and get right to work staging the material and erecting the mezzanine.  This communication further helped us stay on top of any obstacles that came up over the course of the project, allowing us to handle them swiftly before they could balloon out of control, helping us to keep the project on schedule for its set completion date.

Jeff Golub, the general contractor for the project, had this to say about our service, “I appreciated the fast response from Francis Rutz with my answers to questions and getting professionals mobilized quickly to deal with issues. He didn’t drag his feet or hesitate to deal with minor roadblocks. The estimating staff, installation crew, and follow-up examination crew were all aggressive about quality and job performance.”

What Our Customers Say...

It is always my intention to do business with companies that put customer service and satisfaction in the forefront. When we needed a mezzanine to expand storage in one of our rooms we looked for a company that we felt could fit the bill and The Mezzanine Company certainly did just that.

Paul Ziemer, Signature Theatre Company