Case Study

Sensaras, Hauppauge, NY

Sq. Ft.
Storage Mezzanine



Located in Hauppauge, NY, Sensaras is “an innovative manufacturer of ultrasonic fluid detection and measurement sensors with the highest quality, accuracy and reliability”.

They were moving into a new building and were looking to maximize the space at the new location. Since they needed to move out of the old building by a specific date, time was of the essence.

Additionally, because of the limited height in the building, they needed the mezzanine to have a thin profile so that there would be enough space above and below the platform to work comfortably and meet code.

They reached out to The Mezzanine Company to provide a solution.


Working closely with the Sensaras, we came up with design for a custom u-shaped storage mezzanine that met their requirements. The mezzanine was approximately 1,000 square feet, with a capacity of 125lbs/psf.

In order to provide enough headspace above and below, and to meet code, the mezzanine had only an 8” profile achieved using a structural I-Beam design.

The mezzanine included a spiral stair and an L-shaped IBC stair for employee access. The spiral staircase was customer requested so that they could save space as much as possible.

After the proposal was approved and approval drawings were ready for review, one of our project managers made a site visit and made final adjustments to the designs. Once the mezzanine was ready for shipment, we successfully coordinated the installation with our local installer.

What Our Customers Say...

The Mezzanine Company made the work very easy for us! You made the correct recommendations, installed the mezzanine on schedule, and gave us a superior product. We would gladly recommend you to others. We are very pleased with the mezzanine you installed, and the service we received was excellent.

Robert Wager Company