Case Study

The Savory Grape, East Greenwich, RI

Sq. Ft.
Food & Beverage
Storage Mezzanine



Located in East Greenwich, RI, The Savory Grape is a premier wine, craft beer and spirits retail and online business just 15 miles south of Providence. They pride themselves in offering a top notch client service while also maintaining the feel of a boutique store.

Recently, they were expanding the footprint of their successful store. In the new space, they wanted to make use of the open space above a walk-in cooler for storage and office space. The Savory Grape reached out to The Mezzanine Company to help provide a solution.

One of the challenges of the project was that they had tight ceiling space, in the back of the store, where the mezzanine and cooler were to be located. In order to maximize the space for the cooler underneath the mezzanine, and in order to meet code, the mezzanine had to fit precisely.

Additionally, since the mezzanine was going to be in a retail space, there was interest in customizing the design so that it would be visually pleasing to customers.

Lastly, this mezzanine was just one part of a larger construction project to expand the store, so project timeline was of great importance.


Working closely with their contractor, architect, and the cooler company, we provided a design for a ~1,700 square foot custom mezzanine platform. To allow the movement of large items on and off the mezzanine, a 6’ double swing gate was included in the design. Additionally, the mezzanine included an IBC stair, to handle the foot traffic on and off the mezzanine.

In order to meet the design requirements, we worked to specifically locate our columns and cantilever our steel in order to maintain a finished look from the front store area and to maximize the amount of cooler space for the store.

Once the proposal was accepted, we worked with Pariseault Builders, the contractor, and the manufacturer to finalize the design quickly and get a production slot from the factory that would help meet their tight deadline.

After careful planning and efficient communication between all parties, the mezzanine was delivered and installed. The new mezzanine provided The Savory Grape with the storage and office space needed in their expanded store.

What Our Customers Say...

The Mezzanine Company made the work very easy for us! You made the correct recommendations, installed the mezzanine on schedule, and gave us a superior product. We would gladly recommend you to others. We are very pleased with the mezzanine you installed, and the service we received was excellent.

Robert Wager Company