Mezzanine Flooring

We offer a variety of types of mezzanine flooring to suite whatever your application may be. Four of the main types of decking we offer are below.

Things to Consider When Choosing Mezzanine Flooring

Here are some important questions to ask when choosing mezzanine flooring:

  • What type of traffic will the mezzanine floor be exposed to?
  • Does the floor have to hold a certain amount of weight?
  • Do you want water (from sprinklers) and light to go through flooring?
  • Will the mezzanine floor need to be cleaned often?
  • Will the flooring need to hold heavy machinery?

Types of Flooring We Offer

We offer four types of mezzanine flooring:

Composite Resin Board over 1½” Corrugated Steel Deck

This is our standard mezzanine flooring (and most popular) engineered for mezzanine decks and comes in a variety of grades and with different finishes such as a Gray Diamond Seal®, Clear Diamond Seal®, ESD and standard unfinished panels. It is engineered to be more effective than plywood and great for practically any application.

Open Steel Bar Grating

This is our second most popular flooring. Positives: very heavy duty and open design lets light, dust, etc pass through. Plus, if you have an existing sprinkler system above, the water will pass through to the area below and additional sprinklers may not be required below the mezzanine. Negatives: The open design is not good for pallet jacks (any carts with wheels etc because it can be very bumpy).

Diamond Plate over 1 1/2″ Corrugated Steel Deck

Options: Aluminum or steel. Aluminum diamond plate has an attractive finish and can be sprayed down to clean and will not rust. Steel can be polished nicely as well but can rust unless painted. Positives: Diamond Plate is heavy duty and can take a beating. Negatives: Expensive. Not a perfectly smooth finish and seams are not as neat as resin board.

Open Steel Planking – Galvanized

Positives: This type of mezzanine flooring has some similar positives to open steel bar grating. It lets light and dust pass through and can also save you from having to install sprinklers with the mezzanine because it lets water pass through from above. It is also less expensive than steel bar grating. Lastly, it is resistant to rust. Negatives: This type of mezzanine flooring can only support up to 125 psf and is also more complicated to design with and install.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about what type of mezzanine flooring is best for your application, then please contact us. We're happy to help!

What Our Customers Say...

The staff at The Mezzanine Company seemed to be an unusually well coordinated, enthusiastic team. Everyone I interacted with had current information and knew exactly what needed to be done to keep the project moving towards completion. Your consistent, timely communication and keeping me aware of the project status made it easy to make decisions throughout the process.

Mark Stogsdill, Genesis Engineering Solutions