Case Study

Cannon USA, Cranberry, PA

Sq. Ft.
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Cannon U.S.A is part of an international group supplying a broad range of industries with dedicated engineering solutions. Their main focus area is in plastic processing technologies.  Cannon had recently decided to employ a new specialized piece of equipment in several of their locations. These particular pieces of equipment needed to be elevated above the ground. They contacted The Mezzanine Company with regards to this and if it was possible for us to engineer something specifically to handle this new piece of machinery.

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The Mezzanine Company worked with Cannon U.S.A to provide a custom solution for their equipment. Several significant challenges presented themselves on this task.  First, was that this equipment required a drip pan with a drain line to be installed with it.  In order to rise to this challenge, we worked very closely with the customer and the factories engineering department to design a mezzanine that we could recess the drip pan into while still making it structurally capable of handling the machine at the height of over 11 feet off the ground.

The Mezzanine Company provided a custom mezzanine system to support the equipment and a separate containment system that was designed to be integrated into the system and would prevent leaks from spilling over the mezzanine and on to people down below.  All of this had to be positioned and built exactly to fit the equipment which took up most of the room on the 280 square foot mezzanine and still has room for a gate for loading and unloading of materials as well as a cage protected mezzanine ladder to provide access.

That last major hurdle we encountered was when we were asked to ship one of the mezzanines to Mexico.  Due to the climate and the local insect population we were informed that standard wood shipping crates would be destroyed and the cargo damaged. Working with the factory and our shipping partners we were able to identify and secure plastic creates as the best means of packaging for this custom engineered system. Using them allowed for the safe transport of the mezzanine to the customer's facility.

What Our Customers Say...

It is always my intention to do business with companies that put customer service and satisfaction in the forefront. When we needed a mezzanine to expand storage in one of our rooms we looked for a company that we felt could fit the bill and The Mezzanine Company certainly did just that.

Paul Ziemer, Signature Theatre Company