Our Process

Over the past 30 years we've been streamlining our mezzanine design and delivery process to provide our customers with accurate quotes, quality solutions, competitive pricing, and a dependable service they can trust.

There are 5 steps to our process:

Free Consultation

When you contact us, we will assign you with one of our mezzanine experts who will collect information from you to quote your project. If necessary, our rep will make a site visit to take measurements and make note of other details that will be important for the designing of your mezzanine.

If you are still in the brainstorming and planning stage of your project and need help, we can plan a site visit to your facility to discuss your options and how our products can create the perfect solution for your changing needs.

Detailed Quote

After consulting with you, our mezzanine experts will work up a competitive quote for your custom project that meets all of the specifications you have provided to us.

Our quote will include all costs associated with the project, i.e.

so there will be no surprises along the way.

Drawing Approval

Once the project is approved, we will provide you with detailed approval drawings for you to review and sign if everything looks right. If not, we will continue to work with you to make sure everything is customized exactly to your specifications.

We will also provide you with PE stamped drawings for the permit process, if needed, and assistance with your permit application.

Production & Delivery

Once the drawings are approved, the production of your custom mezzanine will begin. Once production is complete, we will arrange the delivery of your mezzanine to your location.

We will provide an estimated completion of production date for planning purposes after your order has been released to production. Production times vary for each project and typically average 9 – 12 weeks. Shipment and Delivery is typically 1 – 2 weeks after completion of production.


Once delivered, our factory trained installers will begin your mezzanine installation and work to keep facility disruptions to a minimum. We pride ourselves on our ability to be flexible to meet the needs of our customers.

If you decide to complete the installation yourself, we will provide you with user-friendly instructions to do so and our team will be ready to answer an questions you have along the way.

Please note:  Our mezzanine design process is quite fluid and can be easily adapted to your needs (e.g., you can use your own installer instead of ours, if you'd prefer).

What Our Customers Say...

The Mezzanine Company made the work very easy for us! You made the correct recommendations, installed the mezzanine on schedule, and gave us a superior product. We would gladly recommend you to others. We are very pleased with the mezzanine you installed, and the service we received was excellent.

Robert Wager Company