Health Club/Gym

Is your health club or fitness center in need of extra space for more exercise equipment?

Are you looking for alternatives to avoid a costly relocation?

If the answer is yes, a custom-designed mezzanine for your health club is the perfect solution.

As a premier provider of health club mezzanines, we have worked with many gyms and fitness centers to add the extra space they need to keep their customers happy.

Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

As the fitness center market continues to get more competitive, your clients will compare your club to others based on the amount of innovative equipment, classes, and other services you provide. Don’t let a lack of space keep you from beating out the competition! Contact us to learn more about how you can stay ahead of your competition with a custom mezzanine.

We’ll make an on-site visit to your location, discuss your options, and then provide our recommendations with a detailed price quote.

Minimal Interruption to Your Business

If you decide to move forward with your project, our installers will work with your busy schedule to make sure the installation is done with minimal interruptions to your business. We know your clients are valuable to you, and we will work to make sure that effect on business is minimal, if anything at all.

For example, we recently worked with a customer who wanted the installation to be completed over the weekend to cause minimal inconvenience to their customers. Our team had the material delivered on a Friday evening and the installation was completed before business started on Monday morning.

Read some of our health club success stories to learn more about how we’ve helped other businesses like yours increase their space dramatically with little interruption to business and at an affordable cost.

What Our Customers Say...

It is always my intention to do business with companies that put customer service and satisfaction in the forefront. When we needed a mezzanine to expand storage in one of our rooms we looked for a company that we felt could fit the bill and The Mezzanine Company certainly did just that.

Paul Ziemer, Signature Theatre Company