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Corning Life Sciences, Durham, NC

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Work Platform



Corning Life Sciences is a global company with an extensive list of innovative, high-quality tools for life science research and bioproduction.   With nearly 100 years of experience in research, product development and manufacturing for the life science and bioproduction industries Corning have become an elite player in the industry.

Recently, they purchased the Discovery Labware division from Becton Dickinson and decided to relocate some of their equipment.  They contacted The Mezzanine Company to assist with creating more space for the new equipment at their Durham, North Carolina facility. They needed a solution that wouldn’t interfere with their existing operations already there.

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Working with Corning, we located the best spot for the placement of their new platform, in one of the corners of their manufacturing floor.  Next, we sent our technicians to visit the site and review the proposed structure.  Doing this allowed us to fine tune our design, thereby enabling us to build right up to the wall on two sides and maximize the usage of the available space.  We had the remaining sides enclosed with handrail and kick-plate to create an 8,600 square foot safe work area.

To ensure that the platform did not disrupt the manufacturing floor, we worked closely with Corning to adjust our column locations and gave the platform an 11-foot clear height. It ensured that is was high enough not to interfere with operations below and that none of the columns were placed in a way that would hamper their production capabilities.

Our design included two “U” shaped OSHA regulation staircases both with a 4’x 8’ mid-landing.  We located these on opposite ends of the mezzanine to create multiple access points and create an efficient route for using the platform. The mezzanine also included a 10’ gate.

Through constant communication with all parties involved we successfully coordinated the material to be picked the day it was completed and had our installers on site a few days later when it was delivered, to start the installation.

What Our Customers Say...

It is always my intention to do business with companies that put customer service and satisfaction in the forefront. When we needed a mezzanine to expand storage in one of our rooms we looked for a company that we felt could fit the bill and The Mezzanine Company certainly did just that.

Paul Ziemer, Signature Theatre Company